About Us

Do you want to go to a farmers’ market that has farm products available, not just commercially made and produced products? Of course you do. Would you like to know how the produce is grown and where the farms are located? Of course you do. What about local, raw honey. Have you ever read the honey labels in the grocery stores? It can be scary sometimes to read how many countries one bottle of honey comes from. I was reading a label yesterday and it said “honey from south Texas and beyond”. What does that mean? What about meats? Do you want to know where and how your beef is raised?

We think you do. The best way to get the information you want to know is directly from the farmer who grew their product. You can do that by coming to our market and talking with our farmers, we love to talk about our products. Our market has many other products, such as fresh farm eggs, chicken meat, baked scones, breads (gluten free), fresh popped kettle corn in different flavors, San Francisco style baked sour dough breads, homemade jellies and jams, CBD oils and more. Come see all our goodies.